Puppies! Litter D born 24.5.2024

After a 1-year pause, we have puppies! Litter D was born in our kennel on 24 May 2024. 

Proud parents are:

Sire: He's Trevor in My Heart Svajoniu Angelas

Dam: Misty Meadow's Don't Drive Me Mad

For more information, visit our puppy page: puppies

IDS Lučenec, Slovakia

On a sunny May weekend, we travelled to Slovakia, to the eastern city of Lucenec. We only competed with Dory, whose results are fabulous!

Misty Meadow's Morning Glory aka Dory - 2x CAJC, 2x CACIB-J, BOJ, JBOG-2

In the final competitions, Dory took second place in the Junior Best in Group 9 competition!

JCH of Hungary

Baileys is just unstoppable!

Baileys Brown Right Royal - 3x HPJ, 2x CACIB-J, 3x BOS

She is the new Junior Champion of Hungary - which makes her JCH of 5 countries at the age of 11 months!

Our trip to Romania

What a better way to spend Easter than to go to a dog show! This time, we travelled to Romania, to a tiny village called Agnita. 

Misty Meadows Morning Glory - 4x CAJC, 4x BOJ, 3x CACIB-J, 1xBOS, 3x BOB

Dora has fulfilled the conditions for Junior Champion of Romania. 

Dreamy for Right Royal s Lipetskih Ozer - 4x CAC, 3x CACIB, 1x BOB, 3x BOS

Dimi is the new Champion of Romania!

Litter C success!

Apart from Baileys, our other puppies from Litter C are also making us proud in the show ring. California Cooler placed 2nd in Puppy Dog at Crufts, and:

Cosmo Cute Right Royal - Junior Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Junior Champion of Hungary!

She is also a candidate for the CIB-J title.   

Bosnia and Montenegro

Baileys continues to surprise us all with her show career. 

Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina - 4x CAJC, 4x BOJ, 2x CACIB-J, 4x BOS

Junior champion and grand champion of Bosnia!

Kotor, Montenegro - 4x CAJC, 4x BOJ, 2x CACIB-J, 4x BOB

She has now completed her CIB-J title!

Top Chihuahua 2023

In the annual competition, Dimi placed as the TOP CHIHUAHUA in male longcoat category!

He was also awarded the prestigeous Club Champion title. 

Kosovo 2024

Baileys and Dimi travelled together to Kosovo. 

Baileys Brown Right Royal - 4x CAJC, 4x BOJ, 3x BOS, 1x BOB

Junior Best in Show!!

Dreamy for Right Royal s Lipetskih Ozer - 4x CAC, 2x CACIB, 3x BOB, 1x BOS

Dimi has now also finished his CIB International Champion title!

Club Dog Show Pezinok

With the whole gang, we travelled to the Slovakia Chihuahua and Papillon Club Show, held in Pezinok. 

Baileys Brown Right Royal - Ex 4 in a huge class of 20 juniors!

Misty Meadows Morning Glory - Very Promising 1, BIS-3

Dreamy for Right Royal s Lipetskih Ozer - Ex 3

Dimi and Dory also won Best in Show Couple!

Hermione also took part in the honour class competition, where she placed Ex 2

National Dog Show Brno

Baileys also had her debut in junior class in the Czech Republic. 

Bailyes Brown Right Royal - Ex1, CAJC in a class of 4 juniors!

She is now candidate for Czech Junior Champion.  

Crufts 2024 - Best Puppy in Breed!

Crufts 2024 was a day that we will never forget. Our girl Dory - Misty Meadow's Morning Glory - was awarded Best Puppy in Breed!

Crufts 2024

This year, once again, we travelled to Crufts, the biggest dog show in the world. For the first time, our own puppies were in the ring!

California Cooler Right Royal - 2nd Puppy Dog out of a class of 7!

Dreamy for Right Royal s Lipetskih Ozer - Reserve (4th place)

3x CACIB Nitra

Our entire kennel travelled to Nitra, which has become our annual February trip. 

Dreamy for Right Royal s Lipetskih Ozer - 3x rCAC, 2x rCACIB

Dimi is now a new Champion of Slovakia!

Hermione Minha Alegria - Ex 1 in Honor class

Baileys Brown Right Royal - Ex 2, Ex 3, Ex 3

Dimi and Mia also placed in Top 6 in the couples competition!

2x CACIB and CAC Thessaloniki, Greece

Dimi and his daughter Baileys flew to Greece. Baileys came back home as a new Junior Champion of Greece. Because only one CAC is awarded in Greece per sex, Dimi remains a candidate for the champion title. 

Dreamy for Right Royal s Lipetskih Ozer - 2x CAC, 2x BOB, 2x CACIB, 1x rCAC, 1x rCACIB

Baileys Brown Right Royal - 2x CAJC, 1x J-CACIB, 1x BOJ 

Manchester Dog Show

In January, we travelled for 18 hours all the way to the English town of Stafford, to take part in the Manchester Championship Show, the last Crufts 2024 qualifying show. The trip was a huge success:

Misty Meadow's Morning Glory - Best Puppy Bitch, winner of Minor Puppy and Puppy Class. 

At only 6.5 months old, at her first dog show, Dory was unstoppable. 

California Cooler Right Royal - winner of Special Begginner Class, also qualified from Crufts 2024!

New member of our pack!

At the end of 2023, our pack grew once more - we welcomed Misty Meadow's Morning Glory, aka Dory, into our lives. 

Dory is from the same kennel as our Minor Puppy World Winner Ella - bred by the legendary breeder and judge Francesco Cochetti and his wife Tuule Lehtinen-Cochetti. We are extremely grateful that they chose us as the home for little Dory. 

Dory's temperament is unique - she is extremely brave, very food motivated and loves to work, be it obedience or ringcraft (for the right reward, of course). We have big plans for 2024 and we can't wait to see what we can achieve. 

You can find more information about Dory here

PF 2024

Kennel Right Royal wishes you all the best in the new year, lots of breeding and show successes, and most importantly, good health for all our two- and four-legged friends. 

Right Royal gang:

  • Dimi - Dreamy for Right Royal s Lipetskih Ozer
  • Mia - Hermione Minha Alegria
  • Ela - Misty Meadow's Don't Drive Me Mad
  • Grace - Kornélia Vasco z Fatkovského Dvora 

IDS Hódmezővásárhely

To catch some last autumn sun, we travelled to Hungary for two international shows. 

2x CACIB Turija and Backa Topola, Serbia

Cosmo Cute Right Royal - Very Promising 1, Baby BOB

Czech Chihuahua Club Show Vilanec

As every year, we once again travelled to Vilanec for the annual Czech Chihuahua Club Show. 

It was a lovely day with chihuahua enthusiasts, and we look forward to the next club show!

IDS Klatovy

We took part in another international dog show in the Czech Republic, in the lovely town of Klatovy. 

We are so proud of Pumba (Amundsen), his owner has done a lovely job training him and they have a bright show future ahead of them!

IDS Olomouc 10. 9. 2023

This weekend, we travelled to the nearby city of Olomouc, in the Czech Republic, for the international dog show. 

Success of our puppies - Cara

While we were in Slovakia, Cara from Litter C with her new owner, in Croatia, had amazing success in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Cosmo Cute Right Royal - 4x Very Promising 1, 4x Baby Best of Breed

Cara has a very promising career ahead of her, with her amazing owner! 

Special club show - Slovakia Chihuahua and Papillon Club

After the summer holidays, we travelled to Slovakia to take part in the two Slovakia club shows. 

Catch Your Dreams Right Royal - 2x Very Promising 1

Chilli had her debut in baby class, winning both days!

3x CACIB Debrecen, Hungary

In August, we spent a long weekend in Debrecen, Hungary, close to the Romanian border. From our kennel, we travelled only with Dimi, but we were also joined by Amundsen from our litter A, who had his debut in junior class. 

Amundsen Right Royal - 3x HPJ, J-CACIB, BOJ, BOS, New Junior Champion of Hungary

The weather conditions were tough, the location of the show was less than ideal, but our boys were awesome and achieved great results - we are very proud. 

NDS Mladá Boleslav

Even during the summer heatwave, we travelled to the National Dog Show in Mladá Boleslav:

IDS Intercanis Brno

In June, we also had time to take part in the IDS in Brno. 

Dreamy for Right Royal s Lipetskih Ozer - V2, r. CAC

Czech Chihuahua Club Show 2023

This year, we again took part in the KCHC Club Show at Konopiste and once again, had amazing results. This show was a show-world welcome for Pumba, a boy from our litter A, who rocked the show ring. 

Amundsen Right Royal (Pumba) - Very Promising 1

We are incredibly proud of our boys. Huge congratulations to Pumba's owner!

Litters B and C

On 12 May 2023, two litters were born in our kennel. The proud moms are our girls Hermione Minha Alegria and Misty Meadow's Don't Drive Me Mad. 

For more information, please visit our puppy page.

Sarajevo 2023

Crufts 2023

This year, once again, we travelled to Birmingham, England to take part in the largest and oldest dog show in the world, Crufts 2023. 

Only Dimi was entered, even though all three of our pups qualified. Mia is still getting back in shape after having puppies in October, and Ela could not be entered due to the conflict of interest with the judge, Mr Cochetti, who is also her breeder. 

Dimi performed very well and was awarded VHC (Very Highly Commended) on a day with 210 long coat chihuahuas entered. I am so proud of my Dreamy boy!

Top Chihuahua Slovakia 2022

Top Chihuahua 2022 Czech Republic

All 3 of our chihuahuas were entered in the Top Chihuahua 2022 Czech Republic competition by the Chihuahua Kennel Club. I am thrilled with their results:

Hermione Minha Alegria - Top-3 LC Female; Top 4 Overall ranking New KCHC Club Champion 

Misty Meadows Don't Drive Me Mad - Top-5 LC Female; Top-10 overall ranking 

Dreamy for Right Royal s Lipetskih OzerTop-3 LC MaleTop-12 overall ranking While still a junior! 

2x CACIB Rijeka, Croatia

Another fun show weekend! 

3x CACIB Orhei, Moldova

While we were in Nitra, our Ela went to Moldova a returned as a Champion and Grand Champion 

Misty Meadow's Don't Drive Me Mad - 3xCAC and 3x rCACIB

3x CACIB Nitra, Slovakia

And yet another busy and succesful show weekend!

CACIB Katowice

On Saturday 11.2.2023, we went on a day trip to Katowice, Poland, and returned with these great results.

Duo CACIB Brno 2023

Busy show weekend in Brno! 
Chihuahua Long Coat

Dreamy for Right Royal s Lipetskih Ozer - Ex 2, Ex 3 - first time in intermediate class
Hermione Minha Alegria - Ex 4, Ex 3 in Champion class
We also took part in the BIS Couple competition and Dimi and Mia walked like pros!

Chihuahua Smooth Coat 
Trevor Dancing Angels - Ex 1, Ex 3
Queen Hosana-Box - 2x VP1
Nicolette z Prokopova kopce - Excellent
Little Queen took part in the BIS Puppy competition and showed very well!

Dimi - health test results

We received Dimi's excellent test results today:

PRA-prcd: N/N

Lafora epilapsy: N3/N3

Dimi is not affected or a carrier of either one of these diseases!

PRA-prcd retinal atrophy leads to the progressive degeneration of eye cells. Eventually, affected dogs lose eyesight. 

Lafora epilepsy causes seizures, with strong muscle spasms and often leads to dementia in dogs. It is hereditary, there is no cure, and in most cases, it is fatal. 

National Dog Show Brno

We spent the first weekend of 2023 at a national dog show in Brno, showing both our chihuahuas and our clients' dogs. 

Dreamy for Right Royal s Lipetskih Ozer - Ex 1/CAJC. Dimi finished his junior career in style, winning a strong junior class. I am excited to see him in adult classes soon!

Hermione Minha Alegria - 12 weeks after puppies, Mia stepped back into the ring and placed 3rd in a very strong Champion class. We are incredibly proud of how she did, even though she now looks more like a smooth coat chihuahua!

2022 Recap!

Right Royal Kennel wishes everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Stud Dog - Dimi

Dreamy for Right Royal s Lipetskih Ozer aka Dimi also successfully passed his breeding evaluation. He's now available for stud, and we cannot wait to see what puppies he produces in the coming years. 

Dimi is available for stud - if interested, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Breeding female - Ela

On 19 November 2022, our girl Ela successfully passed her breeding evaluation. We are planning a very exciting litter for next year! We are very grateful to her handlers Andrea Petrova and Gabriela Pavlickova! 

Litter A

We have puppies! In October, Mia brought into this world two amazing puppies. 

Sire: Junior European Winner and JBOB Vivat Victory Bring Me Love 

Dam: Crufts 2022 Reserve, Multi Champion, Grand Champion, Club Champion Hermione Minha Alegria 

Pedigree: https://ingrus.net/chihuahua/en/testmating/107783/170617

For more info, see our puppy page

2x CAC and 2x CACIB Gradacac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

We travelled to Bosnia this weekend and returned with champions!

Dreamy for Right Royal s Lipetskih Ozer - 3x CAJC, 3x BOJ, 2x BOB, 1xBOS, becoming the Junior Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina and of Federation of BiH, Autumn Winner and Crufts qualified!

We were joined by Terry the English Cocker Spaniel, who was shown for the very first time. She received 4x VP1, 4x Minor Puppy BOB and became the Baby Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina and of Federation of BiH, Baby Autumn Winner and Baby Club Winner!

New Club Champions!

Both Mia and Ela became Club Champions, as well as Junior Club Champions, of the Slovakian Chihuahua and Continental Spaniel (Papillon) Club. 

Chihuahua Club Show

On 17 September 2022, we took part in the Chihuahua Club Show. 

Ela did very well, placing third in the strong open class!

Balkan Tour 2022

This year, we travelled to the Balkans once again, taking part in the whole show tour of the Balkans. 

Dreamy for Right Royal s Lipetskih Ozer (Dimi) - Dimi came home as a seasoned junior champion. His show stack has improved immensely, he's now very calm during the judge's examination and is very confident. He obtained 6x CAJC, 6x BOJ, 1x BOB and 4x BOS. 

Dimi is now:

  • Junior Grand Champion of Kosovo
  • Junior Champion of Kosovo
  • Junior Grand Champion of Montenegro
  • Junior Champion of Montenegro
  • Junior Champion of the Balkans. 

He finished his J-CIB junior interchampion journey!


Trio CACIB Prague

We spent the first August weekend in Prague. Dimi properly started his junior career and did so well!

Dreamy for Right Royal s Lipetskih Ozer - 3x Excellent, 1xCAJC/8
Great start to his junior career! ❤️

Misty Meadows Don't Drive Me Mad - 2x Excellent

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cassio Fido - 1x Excellent Cassi was only shown by us on Sunday!

We present our Chihuahua kennel!

Hermione Minha Alegria

We present our lovely Mia! We are hoping for puppies in autumn this year - please get in touch if you're interested and want to find out more!

2x Club Show KCHC

On the weekend of 18. - 19. 6., we took part in two club shows organized by the Czech Chihuahua Klub (KCHČ). We brought home the following titles:

Dreamy for Right Royal s Lipetskih Ozer - 2x Very Promising 1

Misty Meadows Don't Drive Me Mad - 2x Excellent, 2x in top selection out of 15 females in junior class

Hermione and Dreamy won 2x Best Brace in Show. 

Hermione hereby fulfilled the conditions for the prestigious Czech Club Champion title. 

These two days were a great opportunity to meet with fellow Chihuahua breeders. Thank you to the breed specialists Susana and Oliver Simon for their lovely appraisals of our dogs!

New Junior Champion of Serbia

Misty Meadow's Don't Drive Me Mad travelled on the last weekend of May to Serbia. Here, she was awarded Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ and BOS, and thus became the new Junior Champion of Serbia. This is her 5th JCh title!

Junior Champion of Hungary

Ella (Misty Meadow's Don't Drive Me Mad) travelled to Papa, Hungary this weekend. She comes home as the new Junior Champion of Hungary, adding to her award collection. 

We also travelled with and showed Api the Pug and Zeal the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who both did extremely well!

Nitra Spring Cup - New Slovakia Junior Champion

Ella just became the new Junior Champion of Slovakia. In Nitra, she obtained 3x CAJC, 2x BOJ and 1x BOB, from a tough competition with very nice chihuahuas entered even in champion class. We are thrilled with these results!

Dalmatia Dog Shows Zadar

On the weekend of 29. 4. - 2. 5. 2022, our little star Mia participated in the Dalmatia dog shows in Zadar, Croatia. 

She came back with 3x CAC, 3x CACIB and 3x BOS. She's our little pro. 

4x CACIB Hungary and CTPE Clubshow

During Easter, we took part in a 4-day show in Hungary, in the town of Szilvasvarad. At the same time, the club show of CTPE - the Hungarian Chihuahua Club - took place. Moreover, it was our boy's show premiere. 

Dreamy for Right Royal s Lipetskih Ozer - this was Dimi's show premiere. At every show, he obtained the grade Very Promising 1, and in addition won 1x Minor Puppy BOB and 2x Puppy BOB. 

Misty Meadow's Don't Drive Me Mad - Ellie was not a fan of these outdoor shows, especially on Monday, when it was 4 degrees Celsius and snowing. Despite that, she obtained 2x Junior Winner and thus started her Junior Champion title. 

3x CACIB, CAC and Special Group 9 Show Cyprus 

We spent the first April weekend in Cyprus, where we participated in 5 shows. Ellie and Mia both travelled with us and came home with these amazing results:

Misty Meadow's Don't Drive Me Mad  (Ella) - 3x CAJC, 3x BOJ and 3x BOB, new Junior Champion of Cyprus. 
We will definitely come back!

Apart from our two girls, we also helped to show several other breeds. 

Balkan Tour 2022

Hermione Minha Alegria (Mia) went on a tour of the Balkans. She travelled to Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina with her great handler Andrea Petrova and took part in 13 shows in just 10 days. Her results are absolutely mind blowing: 

  • 12x CAC, 4x CACIB, 3x res. CACIB, 3x BOB, 1x BOS
  • Champion of Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania
  • Grand Champion of Kosovo 
  • Balkan Champion
  • Candidate for Slovenia Champion

This way, she became the new candidate for the prestigeous interchampion title C.I.B. If she succeeds and obtains another CACIB in 1 year's time, she will acquire this title. 

Thanks to these titles, she can now be entered in the Champion class, at just 15 months old. 

Junior Champion of Slovenia

Misty Meadow's Don't Drive Me Mad just became the new Junior Champion of Slovenia! She obtained 2x Junior Winner, at just 9 months old. 

We look forward to more champion titles!

Crufts 2022

In March 2022 we travelled to England to take part in Crufts for the first time, the biggest and oldest show in the world, which takes place every year in Birmingham. Hermione Minha Alegria qualified three times in 2021 for this year's show. 

As newbies, we weren't very ambitious. The competition was huge - in total, 170 long-coat chihuahuas competed! However, Mia managed to charm the judge and obtained a Reserve (4th place). She is only the 3rd Czech-bred chihuahua to ever place at Crufts!

We are thrilled with her result. Not only are UK dog shows very different to FCI-organized shows, but this show is the most prestigious show in the world. Mia, her award and the judge's comments amaze us!

Breeding female - Hermione

Hermione Minha Alegria (Mia) successfully passed her breeding conformation in February 2022 with a perfect result, and can thus be used for breeding one day!

The show year 2021

The 2021 show year was very successful for our kennel and our two girls. 

Hermione Minha Alegria: 

  • 3x Best in Show Puppy, 11x Very promising
  • 14x CAJC, 11x Best of Junior, 2x Best of Breed, 5x Best of Opposite Sex
  • Junior Champion of Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Slovenia and Macedonia 
  • Junior Grand Champion of Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia
  • Mediterranean Junior Champion, NATO Junior Champion, Balkan Junior Champion, Yugoslavia Junior Champion
  • Junior Grand Champion NATO, Junior Grand Champion of Balkans, Junior Grand Champion of the Mediterranean, Junior Grand Champion of Yugoslavia
  • 3x qualified for Crufts 2022

Misty Meadow's Don't Drive Me Mad: 

  • World Promise 2021!! - we are still processing our emotions. Even in the best in show competition, she received lovely words of praise from the esteemed judge. 
  • Slovenia hope
  • 6x Very promising