Right Royal Chihuahuas

Our kennel was established in 2022. At the moment, our pack consists of two female chihuahuas, one male, and one loving golden retriever nanny. 

We are not professional breeders - our three chihuahuas are our family, and we simply enjoy having puppies once a year, and spending lovely weekends with our pack at dog shows. 

My first chihuahua is Hermione Minha Alegria (Mia). Thanks to her, I fell in love with this breed - chihuahuas are small in the body but big in the personality. Mia showed me the charm and atmosphere of dog shows. Apart from showing, we focus on obedience and are preparing for pet therapy licence exams. After Mia came Ella (Misty Meadow's Don't Drive Me Mad). Then, in February 2022, our pack grew once more, with the addition of Dreamy for Right Royal s Lipetskih Ozer (Dimi). 

Ever since I was a child, I loved dogs and dog-related activities. My first golden retriever Bella and I passed pet therapy exams and worked together every weekend in long-term care facilities and retirement homes. My second female golden Grace took a similar path, with a career in a hospital in Prague, bringing joy to kids in the psychiatric and neurological wards. Grace is now the best big sister for our chihuahua gang. 

Apart from dog showing, I'm also interested in assistance dog training. I interned twice in the USA with Susquehanna Service Dogs, where I was involved in advanced dog training for special needs of individual clients, puppy classes, and in the breeding programme. Here, I learned about operant conditioning and clicker training, methods which I use to teach my dogs all their tricks. 

With chihuahuas, my goal is to breed healthy, stable and high quality show chihuahuas, who will be proud representatives of this breed.